Personalised? You mean I have to come up with my own idea?
No need to freak out. It can be something as simple as a name or a quote (we have ideas if you suffer from writer’s block), or if you are feeling imaginative, customise your own. And you can always take a short cut by choosing from one of the 10 titles in our collection.

Help! I need to impress my mother in law. Any suggestions?
That could be a loaded question – largely depending on your relationship… I would be careful with “MY BRILLIANT IDEAS”, “WHITE LIES” or  “GOOD GIRLS GO TO HEAVEN, BAD GIRLS GO EVERYWHERE” but at the end of the day it’s all in good fun! Otherwise, a personalised notebook with her favourite quote or a line from her favourite song will be difficult to disapprove of.

I received DON’T FORGET for my birthday.
Should I be offended?
Taking offence is highly unproductive. Instead send her a thank you card saying how much you love that she thought of you - enclose a copy of “WHITE LIES”.

I love these but I don’t want all my friends to copy me! 
Than tell them to back off. And if all else fails design your own.