Our Oceans Range diaries have a marine creature, as well as 2020 embossed across the front - in this case, a a purple lobster embossed onto a red background.

Inside, the layout is a week across two pages - January to December 2020.

Cream paper with gilt edges, covered in lizard-embossed card; includes a grosgrain ribbon to mark the page

DIMENSIONS: 13cm x 9cm

Handmade in England by classically trained bookbinders. 


A line of books and desk accessories inspired by the beauty and biodiversity of our seas, and designed to raise awareness of the fragility of marine life.
We believe in using business as a force for good, which is why Sloane Stationery gives 10% of its profits to a charitable cause.
For 2020, we have chosen to donate to the Plastic Soup Foundation which endeavours to help reduce plastic in the world’s oceans through education, building awareness and encouraging businesses to act sustainably.

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