Anyone in the business of bookbinding will come to realise that the world is split up into two groups of people:
  • Personalisers: those who have very specific ideas about how they would like their desks to look,
  • Curators: those who have a love of beautiful objects, picking the best from the designs around them,
The 10 books in the Sloane Stationery Collection cater to curators. They are a selection of my favourite titles, beautifully embossed onto books in gorgeous colours in a convenient pocket size. Unlike our Bespoke books, these cannot be personalised, but they are fun and look smart, everything you love about Sloane Stationery!
Every title has a story - here are a few of our favourites:
Good Girls go to Heaven, Bad Girls go Everywhere:
My mother used to have a stack of post-its saying "Good Girls go to Heaven, Bad Girls go to Parties" which I always thought was brilliant. Our good girl/bad girl notebooks just had to be made in a wicked shade of green, and I absolutely love this one. The skull was created by my friend, the talented Hanneke from Hanmade.
White Lies
I was struggling to find a fun title for our white books, when Analisa Plehn came with the clever idea to call them White Lies. This became a favourite for me and it is one of our top-sellers
Busy, Busy, Busy
The adorable little bee on the front cover made this a popular title. Personally, I love the powerful blue of the cover. That blue happens to be the fashion colour of the moment -- how chic to dress in electric blue, and accessorise with a notebook in the same colour!
Don't Forget
Have you noticed how the little elephant has its trunk pointing upwards? Initially, we had designed it with the trunk pointing down, however our American customers told us that that was a sign of bad luck; we've been obsessing about elephants ever since.
We're now brainstorming for the new set of books which will launch in 2014 - do you have any suggestions?




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