We believe in using business as a force for good, which is why Sloane Stationery gives as much as it can to charitable causes.
In 2019, we donated 10% of our profits to the Plastic Soup Foundation which endeavours to help reduce plastic in the world’s oceans through education, building awareness and encouraging businesses to act sustainably.

To date in 2020, we donated to the following charities:

- Australia’s Wildlife Emergency fund (WIRES Wildlife Rescue)
- Cesta Basica da Rocinha (an initiative to provide basic food to financially afflicted mothers in the Rocinha-Slum of Rio de Janeiro)
- International Red Cross in the wake of the explosion in Beirut

For the year 2020, we have chosen to donate 10% of profits to the Plastic Soup Foundation once again, as the COVID pandemic has led to a significant negative impact to our oceans.

For 2021, we will donate 10% of profits to the Jane Goodall Institute.


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