Fall is here. Crisp winds, shorter days, leaves changing colour and of course shops filling to the brim with their fall/winter collections. Fashion has the ability to transform your mood, it can be an extension of your personality or something to make you feel that bit more professional, but flipping through the latest magazines on newsstands, I have to wonder – what were they thinking?

My grandmother instilled a very simple rule of fashion in me – if it doesn’t look good – don’t wear it. With this in mind – we’ve broken down the latest trends in real terms. 

OVERSIZED COATS – If the shoulders don’t fit – the coat doesn’t fit. No one should look like a little kid running around in their mother’s clothes - except of course a little kid – than it’s adorable.

CLUNKY SHOES – everyone from Stella McCartney to Topshop has a version of these monsters of footwear. While the extra weight could help tone your legs, I’ve spent too much of my life trying to make my feet look smaller – this seems counterproductive.


THE CAPE – every year it makes a re-appearance and every year I wonder why. While some women manage to make it work beautifully, it somehow always feels a bit like fancy dress. That said, maybe we all need a bit more fancy dress in our lives…

PUNK AND GRUNGE – All for being inspired by different eras, the line must be drawn at mullets.


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