In this day and age, with digital photos taken at every moment – photo albums are a funny thing – and frankly, we think they are more valuable than ever! While in the past, photo albums were simply a place to keep all the prints you took – if you like them or not, today’s variation has the benefit of being selective, combining elements of a photo album with that of a scrapbook to create a truly beautiful gift or memory of a moment in time you hold close to your heart.

Although the wedding season is ending, we’ve learned one very valuable lesson – our albums make great wedding gifts! Hardly a shock, the album itself is a great gift – easy to personalise, handmade in England using luxurious Italian paper, the Sloane Stationery team has discovered an even better way to make this stand out as a thoughtful and personal gift.

With the help of a little polaroid printer (you could use a Polaroid camera, but this allows you to be a bit selective) – you can print all our favourite photos (camera or phone) from the event and present to the bride and groom together with the album. The Polaroid film gives it something a bit special, already placed in the album or in the box with the album to let them compile the photos together with their photographer's picks. The result is an instant memory that captures a side of the event wedding photographers might not see.

Gift Ideas

Of course, weddings are the obvious use of an album as a gift, we’ve come up with a few other ideas to help you through the upcoming gifting season.

The Wedding Party

Not just for the Bride and Groom but also key wedding party members. This could work easily as well as a Mother of the Bride or Father of the Bride gift – the possibilities are endless.

The Generation Above

As parents and grandparents get older, downsizing and limited mobility can make coming up with gifts a real challenge. Spending some time gathering stories from a loved one’s life, letters, photos, things they’ve held onto along with explanations can be a great activity and gift – something to pass on to the next generation that they will be able to enjoy at this moment.

Baby Albums

Another slightly obvious choice but one not to forget. The first moments, letters from aunts and uncles, mementoes from the day. Or even a 1-year milestone – so much to celebrate – so many photos on your phone how will you choose!

Children’s Artwork

Yes, the fridge is a wonderful place to put these but what about putting them somewhere special to look back over a child’s artistic progression or regression – beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

Our albums

Our albums are available in three sizes – depending on what you are creating we can help you build something truly bespoke. Family crests, logo, quotes etc. can all be embossed on the front or back (please email us for more complicated requests). We can also create a box in the same material and colour as the album for safe keeping.

We can’t wait to see what you create with our beautiful albums. Share with us your images and stories – we would love to hear from you!  

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