A Simple and Effective Gift Idea

When it comes to Valentine’s day, people fall into two categories: Those who go big (dinner, roses, grand gestures and jewellery), and the rest of us who cynically judge the holiday for its commercial nature but still feel the need to get flowers or chocolates to show that we didn’t forget.

We suggest a compromise. While teddy bears holding hearts might not be everyone’s cup of tea, showing loved ones that you care never goes out of style.

So here’s a gift idea, Sloane Stationery-style:

  • Start with a notebook - Sloane Stationery has a few options but any journal will do as long as it is beautifully presented
  • Choose one with a personal or romantic message –we recommend titles such as ‘Hugs and Kisses’ or‘Adventure’, or for a more personal touch your loved one’s initials or a quote from their favourite song embossed on the cover
  • On the inside cover, write “10 Things I Love About (insert name)”. Make a list of 10 personal things that you love about that person –no need to be sappy, it’s the little things that count

And that’s it! Each time your loved one opens their notebook they feel the love. Simple thoughtful, Romantic. By all means, take the credit!



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