With the average person spending around 2,300 hours a year at their desk, we think it's important to make it as pretty as possible - here is our desk accessory gift guide to get you off to a fresh start for 2014! For year round gift ideas  - follow our gift ideas board on Pinterest!

  1. Geoffrey Parker - Boss Decision Cube
  2. Judy Robinson - Christmas Pop-up Card
  3. Bib&Sola - Green Carafe and Glass
  4. L'Object - Gecko Magnifying Glass
  5. Sloane Stationery - Pocket Diary
  6. Duncan Shotton - Rainbow Pencils
  7. Pentreath & Hall - Small Vase
  8. Tom Dixon - Eclectic Paper Clips
  9. Schoolhouse - Coloured Pencils and Brass Holder


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