International Women’s Day is here! With #pressforprogress as this year’s theme, women’s rights supporters are encouraged to look within their own communities for ways to promote gender equality and encourage female empowerment. IWD’s call-to-action highlights that local action—whether in the workplace, at home or in the city—can lead to global change. Here’s a look at some of this week’s highlights which will celebrate, inspire, and connect the wonder women out there in order to #pressforprogress:

AMSTERDAM: Mama Cash Feminist Festival (featuring the Guerrilla Girls)

Shaking up the cultural scene for more than 30 years now, the Guerrilla Girls—a group of anonymous feminist art activists—will be at the Stedelijk Museum to discuss sexism and racism in the art industry and in society at large. Famous for their outspoken ways of addressing social inequalities (and for the gorilla masks they wear when doing so), this evening with the Guerrilla Girls will be focused around debate, artistic expression and creative empowerment.

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LONDON: Women of the World (WOW) Festival

Led by celebrated female artists, activists and entrepreneurs, the WOW Festival celebrates women’s achievements while also focusing on where gender equality is still lacking. From March 7-11, dozens of events will be held at the Southbank Centre, including talks, dance/music performances, art exhibitions, interactive workshops, and mentoring sessions. From idea sharing amongst self-employed women to an ‘under 10’s feminist corner’ for the young activists amongst us, the thought-provoking and funky activities planned for the WOW Festival make it one you simply cannot miss.

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NEW YORK: United Nations Observance of IWD

While the importance of gender equality in politics has gained serious international attention, there is still much room for improvement. The annual United Nations Observance of IWD acts as a pillar for celebrating women’s accomplishments and discussing gender-based restrictions from a political standpoint. This year, the UN session will echo the need to #pressforprogress by emphasizing that the Time is Now. Follow the speeches and panel discussions, which will include notable speakers such as UN Secretary- General António Guterres. Guterres considers achieving gender equality the “unfinished business of our time.”

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