We Love Wes!

Last month, Wes Anderson’s newest film, Isle of Dogs, premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival. While the feature—a stop-motion tale set in futuristic Japan—differs from his previous productions (including The Grand Budapest Hotel and Moonrise Kingdom), the director’s clever storytelling skills are bound to leave audiences in awe as they enter the peculiar world of Wes imagination.

For those mesmerised by the director’s iconic style (think: perfectly symmetrical, pastel-shaded scenes and fool proof soundtracks), we’ve compiled a list of ways to add a little more Wes to your life:

Bar Luce (Milan): Designed by Wes himself, Bar Luce takes visitors straight back to 1960’s Italy. While the patterned walls and retro furniture are certainly fit for a Wes Anderson production, one of the director's main goals was to create an inviting atmosphere for locals and tourists to meet with friends, sip a coffee and, if it were him, jot down inspiration for a new screenplay. Whether you seek a unique location for your afternoon tea or a one-on-one date with your journal or book, Bar Luce is reason enough to make Milan your next holiday destination. 

Accidentally Wes Anderson: For those too busy to jet set to Bar Luce, the Instagram account @accidentallywesanderson can bring a daily dose of dream-like inspiration straight to your home or office. Accidentally Wes Anderson collects snapshots of eye-catching locations that look more like movie scenes than actual places. Daydreamers, travellers and Wes Anderson enthusiasts beware: you won’t be able to peel your eyes off of this whimsical photo collection.

Portable inspiration: Take a little Wes with you wherever you go with one of our perfectly sized, vibrantly coloured pocket notebooks. Always be prepared to jot down quirky endeavours and creative discoveries, whether you are a world traveller or seeking out moments of genius in the day-to-day.

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