Make Your Closet Match Your Conscience

In light of Earth Day last Sunday, we got to thinking about how to give our habits an eco-friendly upgrade. An inspiring lifestyle movement that can give as much personal satisfaction as it is environmentally friendly is making fashion habits more sustainable. Enough with heaping piles of clothes that haven’t seen daylight in years—de-clutter your closet and choose to buy less, buy sustainable, and, if possible, buy local.

Worry not; there is no need to quit shopping altogether. On the contrary, plenty of brands are embracing sustainability by creating unique, long lasting and eco-friendly products. From leaders in the fair trade fashion movement to newer brands who commit to not using animal-based materials in their products (yes, vegan shoes are a thing, and they’re gorgeous! Check out for more), there is ample opportunity to look good in the latest trends and feel good by supporting ethical brands.


Add a new dimension to this year’s spring cleaning by revamping your closet with some eco-friendly items. And if you’re looking for more trendy ways to buy local, stay tuned for our summer collection of colourful journals made right here in England by classically trained bookbinders using sustainably sourced Italian paper.  

Happy shopping!

1. Shoes: Susi Studio, $135 / 2. Notebook: Masterful Inactivity Notebook £29.00 / 3. Sunglasses: Dick Moby, €195 / 4. Jumpsuit: People Tree, $134 / 5. Pencils: Clever Pencils £16.99 / Backpack: Matt & Nat, €150

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